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Cost-effective, hard-wearing, and robust in adverse weather conditions, roughcasting is one of the most popular choices of exterior rendering in Scotland.

 Implemented properly, roughcasting will help insulate and protect your home, as well as making it look great. Get quality results for your investment by choosing McLeavy Roofers & Co, roughcasting specialists.


Our team are vastly experienced in roughcasting, meaning we’ve got all the knowledge and know-how necessary to produce a quality, even finish that will last for decades. We’ll also leave your property clean and tidy after completion. Contact us today using the form to the side.


Based in East Kilbride, we can reach you wherever you are in the immediate region, including Glasgow and Lanarkshire. We also provide quality roofingfascias and soffits, and building maintenance services.


There are three main types of external rendering, that being pebble dashing, roughcasting and straightforward external plaster rendering.

Pebble dashing – which is also known as dashing – delivers a rough-textured finish which is created by applying different sized pebbles to a freshly applied coat of mortar and left exposed. This gives a freedom of style and colour to the outer wall.

Pebble dash is a familiar sight across the UK, a prominent feature of semi-detached suburban homes. If you look at a property with a pebble dash exterior it appears as though little stones have been stuck to a render. Unfortunately, with pebble dashing people tend to love it or loathe it. It tends to be a matter of taste which side of the fence you fall in to, although Kevin McCloud, the presenter of popular Channel 4 TV show Grand Designs is known to be a fan of pebble dash.

Pebble dashing reached the height of its popularity during the postwar years, at a time when the construction industry was facing a skills shortage.

Modern pebble dash is a mixture of sand, cement and either pebbles or crushed stones (aggregate). Very hard-wearing, it is applied to the outside of a building to protect it from the elements.

What are the advantages of pebble dashing my property?

  • It’s a low maintenance type of decorative finish
  • It’s very hard-wearing
  • It improves water shedding properties
  • It provides excellent impact resistance

Roughcasting is similar to pebble dashing, however rather than being exposed the chippings (or small, evenly sized pebbles) are mixed in with the mortar instead. It’s a popular type of external rendering in Scottish regions especially. Roughcasting – which is also known as harling or wet dash – is achieved by throwing a wet mix of chippings and cement against a smooth towelled top coat of render.

A smooth float finish is a straight forward external render which is produced by rubbing the towelled surface of the render with a float or a sponge which will achieve a smooth finish.

The type of external render you choose can be influenced by the style and location of the home, so it’s worth getting a trained professional out to your home to help inform you about the most suitable option.

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